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  • transform institutions

    We engage a wide array of tried and tested tools in the advancement
    of the fields of leadership and governance at all levels.

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The Leadership Group Limited (TLGL)

Research and practice point to effective Leadership as the key to high performance in organizations. The Leadership Group Limited (TLGL) is a young organization that has been created to support current and upcoming leaders to develop and fully realize their potential. The Group is led by seasoned practitioners with a solid track record in this field.

Our objectives are:

  • Enhancing organizational & Institutional growth through effective leadership;
  • Prioritizing communication as a tool for effective leadership;
  • Providing executive coaching to unleash the potential in leaders to achieve their goals;
  • Conducting mentoring programs that build from experiences within the team to help leaders deal with contemporary issues;
  • Building capabilities around ethical leadership and reputation management;
  • Augmenting board capabilities through effective Board Practice solutions that create sustainable value in their organizations; and
  • Providing business advisory services that support delivery of organizational strategy.