Wellbeing and Wholesomeness at the C-Suite

Wellbeing and Wholesomeness at the C-Suite

Join us for a two-day workshop on well-being and self-care, and experience its positive impact on your bottom line. Research (Barling & Cloutier, 2017; Bunea, 2020; Fellows & Snelling, 2020; McRee, 2017) suggests that mental health issues are more prevalent in Executives because of the particular character traits and psychological attributes that make for great leaders.

• Impact of positive self-care and well-being on senior leadership and the C-SUITE in enhancing business continuity and growth
• Approaches to achieving wholesomeness (Fullness of life) in the C-SUITE
• Rethinking wellness in the organization from a top-down perspective

Who this Programme is for?
Aimed at the senior level managers, executives, and the C-SUITE exposed to the high-pressure work situations created by the ever-increasing business demands.

Abridged Agenda
1. Pillars of well-being and Mental Health
• Why are the pillars of mental health important and how do we develop them
• Awareness of the best practice assessment tools for one’s mental health

2. Unraveling the Mystery of different Personalities in the C-SUITE: “A Human Exploration of Mental Health Challenges.”

• What are the main causes of imbalances in personalities in the C-SUITE
• How does it manifest
• Is there hope?
• Is it possible to have good mental health given the demands of the C-SUITE
• Should mental health be a priority for the C-SUITE as it affects their delivery

3. Maintaining a healthy mind at work in the C-SUITE
• How to cope with stress
• How to differentiate between normal and harmful stress
• What about mental health at home since what happens at work may affect the home environment?

Event Details
Date: 28th & 29th March, 2024
Time: 8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Venue: Enashipai Resort & Spa, Naivasha
Investment: KShs. 75,000 (inclusive of taxes)

To Register
Please contact;
Call: Christabel - (+254) 020 231 3240
Email: christabel@leadershipgroup.co.ke

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