Culture & Change Management

Culture & Change Management

Culture is the key enabler for business success and organisations must make deliberate efforts to create and nurture a culture suited for a progressive 21st century organisation. It is essential that when an organisation’s culture is not supporting delivery of strategic objectives that change be instituted. Change is the only constant in our lives. Management of the same is critical to success.

Our program guides organizations going through change to ensure alignment and the right communication that will enable achievement of the intended goals of the change process.


We develop a customised culture and change management programme taking into account an organisation’s challenges, aspirations and capabilities. We talk to teams and individuals within the organisation so that our final solution addresses both individual and organisational perspectives that speak to the existing needs. We design programmes that run between one and two days, with learnings and activities that open the minds of the teams to what they ought to do to put the organisation on a growth trajectory. These programmes are ideal for cross functional multi-layered teams within the organisation because culture impacts all individuals within the organisation.

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Here we help participants to define organisational culture in the context of their organisation’s productive environments and how to identify elements of culture that affect productivity in one way or another.

We take a deep look at the makeup of culture and the small details that define the nature and impact of that culture from an organisational stand point.

The impact of culture on organisational performance and productivity is a fundamental issue to organisations that seek to excel not only in generating wealth for investors but also creating value for all stakeholders.

We take participants through the feel-good journey of creating and nurturing a great culture that enables teams to blossom and deliver with passion and commitment.

When culture is not working for the organisation then it is time for a shift to one that would. Here we prepare participants for the arduous task of changing organisational culture and facing head-on the challenges that come with it.

Change is a very emotional process to many in an organisation at a personal level. This ranges from shock and consternation to frustration and despair and change agents must understand this cycle in order to support the team to cope better.

The first human reaction to change is to resist. In order to forge ahead successfully the change agent must create that all-important coalition for change that would support the agenda and help take it forward.

Adapting to a new way of doing things can be a tough experience and everything must be done to strengthen the team’s resolve to adopt the new way. The right level of resources and skills must be made available to enhance the team’s capacity to handle the challenges.

One way to get the people behind the change programme is by demonstrating the personal benefits that this change would bring to them. Experience has shown that when people see personal value from the introduction of a new agenda they will rally behind it.

In order to achieve anticipated change results, the process must be managed dutifully, diligently and honestly. A team of skilled change agents, with clear roles, would help achieve great results by monitoring the process, infusing enthusiasm when times get tough and always bringing people back on track.

The essential part of the change process is to bring a majority of the people on the side of the change. Demonstrating how this change would benefit the organisation and make work more enjoyable and target delivery more foreseeable would attract more people to support the programme.

There is nothing more exciting in a change process than allowing people to play around with various change scenarios  and trying various adaptability options. This change-within-change helps create the notion that the team played a bigger role in bringing about the change.

Change is only good for the organisation if it is embedded in the people, systems and processes so that it becomes the new norm. Ensuring every aspect of the change finds a home in the day-to-day work process enables employees to internalise and live the change.


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