Executive Coaching & Mentorship

Executive Coaching & Mentorship


Our accredited executive coaching team partners with clients on a one-on-one and team basis in a creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, working through real life business challenges.


Upcoming leaders need an experienced hand to guide them through the complex sphere of leadership; especially in decision-making, strategic relationship management and personal growth and development. Our experts spend time sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences with participants of our programmes to help them gain self-confidence and approach their leadership responsibilities with enthusiasm and self-belief.

Our experienced teams share their learnings over many years across diverse sectors to help executives address challenging situations that they encounter in their day to day business. They act as sounding boards for new ideas and approaches to leadership.

We design executive coaching programmes suited for individuals and groups. One-on-one programmes are appropriate for individuals seeking personal growth in leadership  while systemic coaching is preferred for teams seeking to grow collaborative capacity and ability to engage across functions and with stakeholders for the shared good of the organisation.

The programme comprises six sessions spread over a period of up to six months. The coach and  the coachee jointly set coaching objectives and agree the  programme schedule and timelines for requisite  activities. An initial three coaching sessions are held before the two undertake a midterm review. The final three sessions are held before a final review. The Coachee sets the agenda for the coaching sessions.

The programme comprises six sessions spread over a period of up to six months. Sessions are held for teams not exceeding six individuals, selected by the sponsoring organisation. The organisation, the coach and the coachees set the objectives of the programme and jointly undertake midterm and end-term reviews. A report is prepared for the sponsoring organisation with recommendations and action plans for further development, monitoring and evaluation.



                    Anne Ngethe




                       Anne Wangondu


         Anyima Okundi



                     Dr. David Thuku


        Dr Martin Oduor Otieno



                              George Nuthu   



         Jaki Wasike-Sihanya




                     Michelle Arscott


             Sheetal Shah



         Susan Banda-Mudiwa



           Susan Ngula




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We undertake   leadership assessments using world-acclaimed tools such as the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI 360) and Hogan LEAD Assessments as a precursor to setting coaching goals.

The coachee and the coach agree the objectives of the programme and come to a shared understanding of the expectations of each party. If the approach adopted is systemic (team) coaching the objectives are set together with the sponsoring organisation and are documented for reference purposes during reviews.

We undertake three sessions, preferably one session per month, during which we walk with the coachee on their leadership development journey in line with agreed programme objectives.

At the end of the first three sessions, the coachee undertakes a self-assessment of the programme at the halfway stage. The coach also makes his evaluation of progress and shares the report with the coachee and, where necessary, the sponsoring organisation.

The  final three sessions complete our executive coaching programme. During this period, the coach and coachee endeavour to ensure all aspects of the programme expectations remain in focus during the sessions.

A final review of the programme is conducted after the last (sixth) session. The coachee undertakes a self-assessment while the coach also reviews the progress made and documents the same, noting any further areas of improvement. This report is shared with the coachee and the sponsoring organisation.

During the close-out session, the coachee may agree with the coach on areas of further work or action in order to fully achieve the coaching objectives. If needed, the coach is available at a fee to provide post-coaching intervention.


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